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Story 8 – Chun Chun

Chun Chun was 5 years old when he first attended the scoliosis clinic for neuromuscular scoliosis in May 2015. He had difficulties with motor control, and suffered from muscle weakness, which in turn caused a recurvatum knee (the knee bent backwards) and limited knee flexion. He did not have much control over his upper limbs: his hand was held in an extended posture and his fingers were always flexed. He also had problems with breathing as a result of muscle weakness and poor diaphragmatic function. He walked very poorly, and was not able to sit for a long period of time. It was also noted that he had a slightly subluxed (partially dislocated) left hip. In an X-ray scan, with his brace on, the Cobb’s angle of his spine was 70°.


The doctors decided to insert the MAGEC rods from T3 down to L3 to control Chun Chun’s spine deterioration.  In 2019, the doctors explained various options to the family, which included the exchange of MAGEC rods and proximal extension, definitive fusion or observation and bracing for a period.  As Chun Chun is already ventilator dependent, there would be no pulmonary function to salvage. Therefore it was decided to adopt bracing and observation.  Chun Chun continues to return to the clinic for regular follow-ups.

Chun Chun
Chun Chun Back
Chun Chun Back

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