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Kam FaiKam Fai is a 19 year old boy and suffering from leg length discrepancy (LLD) ever since he was born. His leg length developed to a 5cm difference and has to wear custom made shoes to maintain balance; needless to say it has caused much inconvenience and even confinment to his daily life.  After a long and painful process in seeking for expertise treatment, he was eventually referred to the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital and was diagnosed as pelvis abrasion due to lengthy LLD, to which surgery is required after he is fully grown.

Kam Fai eventually decided to take the implant of “Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor”(ISKD) operation for limb lengthening . Such revolutionary system will not only result in lesser pain, but also faster rehabilitation and better cosmetic outcome.  However, this operation is not a recognized operation hence will not be subsidized by the Hospital Authority; accordingly Kam Fai has to pay HK$50,000 to purchase the intramedullary devices, which is a significant sum for his family.

Luckily, the Italian Women’s Association (IWA) in joint effort within the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, launched a relief plan in which children of deprived families can apply for subsidy to purchase the implants. In fact IWA raised the amount of HK$860,000 in 2008 through her various charity events and donated it to support the ISKD project. Thanks to the benevolence of IWA members, needy children such as Kam Fai are able to receive treatment and resume a normal life.

In the future, we will continue to provide a full spectrum of support and service to children who are in need of help; at the same time we need your donation to enable us to achieve our goal. Please give generously; remember every cent of your donation will bring on smiles to the face of the needy ones.