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MAGEC (Magnetic Expansion Control) System


The Magnetic Controlled Growing Rod uses an internal magnet inside of the rod. The MAGEC System includes proprietary spinal implants (growing rods) and an External Remote Controller (ERC). Magnets outside the body contained in the ERC communicate with magnets in the implanted MAGEC rod to adjust its length. On one hand, the rod works with standard pedicle screws and hooks for increased ease of use. On the other hand, the remote can modify the length of the growing rod.

The advantage is it is a distraction without resorting to perform a general anesthetic procedure and without need for repeated incisions which creates ghastly scars. Normally one rod is inserted on each side of the spine so that two rods are used in the surgery. The total cost of the equipment is more than HKD 110,000.

Story 9 – Ah J

Story 8 – Chun Chun

Story 6 – Hei Yi

Story 4 – Little Pui Pui

Story 3 – Mok Ho Cheung

Story 2 – Man Man

Story 1 – Yan Yan