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2022 SRDC Charity Raffle

Thank you for your generous support towards 2022 SRDC Charity Raffle.  The draw was officiated by our Chairman Mr CHEUNG Tat-tong, BBS, JP, and monitored by Dr CHAN Kam-hoi, Hospital Chief Executive of The Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay on 31st August 2022.  A big thank you again to donors, sponsors and participants for your supports the Advanced Neuro-diagnostic & Rehabilitation Program for Children.  And congratulations to all winners!

2022 SRDC Charity Raffle are raising fund on the Advanced Neuro-diagnostic & Rehabilitation Program for children with developmental disability at the Child Assessment Centre in the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital in Sandy Bay.

This program introduces a new marker for the early identification of Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) via non-invasive means, with the use of potential biomarkers and advanced imaging techniques, so that children can kickstart their rehabilitation processes during the critical period in their brain developments.

Prize Sponsors:

Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited

Derma 21

Hao Yin Tea

Ample Surveyors Services Ltd

Kam Kee Café ‐ 1967

Korean Women Association of Hong Kong Limited

Professional Security Services Limited

Rejoice Pastry Limited

Chung Yuen Electrical Company Limited

Acetop Precious Metals Limited

Rich Beauty

De’Longhi Group

Oriental Watch Company

Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel

Lan Kwai Fong Group


We apologize that this list is non-exhaustive due to limited space.