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Story 1 – Miko

12-year-old Miko is diagnosed with scoliosis and suffered a significant sideways spine curvature with a Cobb angle of 42.4° in her spine sequels T11-L3. Since Miko was from a thriving age, it was crucial for her to undergo timely and appropriate surgery so that her spinal curvature does not worsen as she grows.

With full sponsorship SRDC to pay for her anterior VBT, Miko was able to receive surgery at DKCH on the 11 March, 2021. Her surgery went well and was discharged home on 15 March. Miko saw a significant improvement of her Cobb angle to 13°.  Miko continues to have her follow up sessions at DKCH afterwards.

Before Surger - Miko

Before Surgery

Miko_after surgery

After Surgery

Last update: April 2021