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Story 4 – Siu Ming

At the age of 13 when most boys growth thrive, Siu Ming’s physical development was affected by his scoliosis. Due to the abnormal sideways curvature of his spine, his X-ray shows a Cobb angle of 49.2° in the T11-L3 levels. The severity of his scoliosis is likely to continue progressing as he thrives.


Fortunately, Siu Ming received full sponsorship from SRDC, allowing him to have his implant surgery at DKCH on the 3 June, 2021 improving T11-L3 to 14° and T6-T11 to 11°. Siu Ming will continue to attend follow-up consultations at the Hospital in the coming years as he recovers from her surgery.

Siu Ming before surgery

Before surgery

Siu Ming_After Surgery

After surgery

Last update: June 2021