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2018 Step Out for Children

Step Out for Children was happily attended by many on 30 September.  The aim was to raise funds for the continuous support towards the database for genetic disorders. For many years SRDC has sponsored the set-up of a local data registry for rare diseases with one ultimate purpose: to explore the healthcare burden of such diseases in Hong Kong. Earlier this year, the research was published in a medical journal:

The report analysed rare disease-related inpatient healthcare cost using a subset of patients admitted during 2015/2016. Prevalence of rare diseases was found to be 1 in 67 in the Hong Kong population. The estimated total inpatient cost for rare disease population was at HKD$1.6B, i.e. 4.3% of total inpatient cost in 2015/2016. The economic impact of rare disease cannot be neglected.