China Patients Project

The aim of our program, China Patients Project, is to provide assistance to underprivileged children from China, whose family’s financial situation would not allow them the opportunity to receive proper medical treatment. The Society’s mission is to help needy children, regardless of their ethnic background and nationality. We hope to enable them, to live a happy and fulfilling life, where they contribute to society, and realize their full potential.

All patients who benefit from this program receive professional medical treatment in Hong Kong and return home in a significantly improved condition. We hope to help more China patients in the future.

Case 13 – LI Yue Wen

Case 12 – Yoyo

Case 10 – Sweetie

Case 9 – Meng DongYuan

Case 8 – XiaoYu

Case 7 – XiaoHui

Case 6 – ZhenPeng

Case 5 – LiGuang

Case 4 – KeKe

Case 3 – XiaoYan

Case 2 – ZhaoJun

Case 1 – YunQuan