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Story 19 – Tang Zhi Mei

Tang Zhi Mei lives with her family of seven members in Nanning. She is the second oldest among the four children. Since she was a mere toddler, walking was always a very strenuous task for her. She had a major limp and had to walk extremely slowly. She was suspected to have a foot deformity known as Congenital Tibial Pseudarthrosis, and this diagnosis was later confirmed after examination at Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay.


In order to correct her foot deformity, surgical treatment was necessary. However, her father being the sole bread-winner in the family, did not have a stable income.  The mother had to take care of the old and young family members and could not work.  Moreover, not being the local residents of Nanning, the four children had to pay high school fees every month though Zhi Mei’ school was waived due to her disability. . The school fees and the rent consumed half of the family’s income. Thus the family could not afford surgical treatment. Luckily, with help and sponsorship from SRDC, Tang Zhi Mei was able to undergo surgery at the age of 12.


Tang Zhi Mei’s family were very supportive throughout the whole process and were overjoyed after the surgery, as her gait is now almostnormal and she can even walk upstairs. She is now a girl with confidence and always wear a smile on her face.