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University Intern Program

High caliber university student may apply to participate in our unique 6-week University Intern Program.

The accepted intern will have to agree with our Society on the discipline and objective.  With 4 days per week for 6 weeks or 192 hours in 2 month’s time, the intern will work towards the objective with the guidance of the Society.  Disciplines available include but not limited to:  Event Management, Fundraising Activities, Impact Measurement, etc.


  • Willing to provide 32 hours per week for 6 weeks or 192 hours in 2 month’s time towards achieving the objective of the Internship
  • Highly motivated and independent
  • To submit a video of ~1 min at the end of the internship to summarize the experience.

Helping is caring. Giving is sharing. We are dedicated to providing better lives for children with disabilities.