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Story 6 – ZhenPeng

Zhen Peng is a boy suffering from severe leg deformity since early childhood. His right leg has a false joint with 90° posterior bowing and 90° internal rotation. This caused him a shorter leg with 4 cm and he could only walk at a limited distance.  The worse was he was unable to receive appropriate medical treatment in China and developed low self-esteem since he was disabled.

The Society provided financial support for the boy to come to Hong Kong for treatment in Nov 2012. Clinically the conventional bone correction is at high risk of overstretching the nerves and blood vessels. Some patients may end up in paralysis if the treatment is too immediate.



For treating Zhen Pang, the world’s most advanced and clinically proven circular fixator Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF) is adopted as funded by the Society. It is a circular, metal frame with two rings for gradual correction of the leg deformity. The detail and speed of correction is programmed by computer software to ensure precise correction. This also helps to safeguard the nerves and blood vessels of the boy’s leg.The surgery was operated successfully on 12 Nov 2012. The post-operative progress was a long one as Zhen Peng needed to distract the struts of the frame by himself daily to the desired position.

Zhen Peng and his father (left) learnt how to turn the struts from the doctor

The leg deformity before (left) and half way down (right) in the gradual correction

The simple unilateral frame is applied in the follow up in Feb 2013

After three months, the leg correction was almost completed and recovered well. The frame at his leg was changed to a simpler one to facilitate self-care and daily activities at his home in China. The unilateral frame was applied for final lengthening of Zhen Peng’s right leg. His recovery was in a good progress and at last he was discharged on 28 Feb 2013. Zhen Peng returned to China and was followed up by Dr Chow Wang in Hong Kong during the voluntary medical trip. In April 2014, the boy’s external fixator was removed from his leg. He could now stand and walk like normal people without a problem.

We are happy to know that Zhen Peng has gained a new life as a car mechanic at his village since the recovery. He and his father joined a foundation for disabled people in China in June 2014 and distributed wheelchairs to the needy. Zhen Peng who was once disabled passed on the care to others. We hope the love and support will blossom all over the country soon!