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Story 5 – LiGuang

Li Guang was a young beggar with disability when found on street by a kind foreigner in China. With his bilateral feet deformities, the unfortunate boy could not walk properly. He was poorly educated due to his disability as well. His caretaker, Mr. John Drinkwater, helped him to seek medical treatment thus the boy received multiple surgeries in the mainland. However he was still unable to walk due to massive pain and residual deformity after the surgeries.


The SRDC provided financial support to Li Guang for treating his deformity in Hong Kong. In August 2012, the boy arrived at the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay. In order to make his both feet plantigrade, or in contact to the ground, he received the medical procedure called bilateral triple arthrodesis. It is to fuse the three joints of his foot surgically. The surgery was a success and Li Guang stayed in the hospital for a month in the first phase.


Li Guang had his old casts removed in the follow-up.

His feet were able to lay flat on the ground after the surgery.

Li Guang received the last follow up in Nov 2013 and his feet were fully recovered. He lived a new life and became a pastor. Every day, he managed to walk 10 km to visit the needy people in the rural areas in China. We are glad that the treatment not only helped him but also many others because of his service.

Last update in June 2014