Italian Charity Day at Sandy Bay

The first Annual ‘Italian Charity Day at Sandy Bay’ was held in December 1983.  This Fund Raising Event is organized to raise funds for The Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay, a paediatric hospital specializing in orthopaedics, neurology and degenerative diseases.

The fair is an annual event which is held on the first Saturday of December.  It has two main attractions: ‘II Merctino’, a bazaar of products donated by our Italian sponsor, and ‘Le Grazie’ restaurant serving authentic Italian dishes prepared by the local Italian community.  People are welcome to reserve a table at the delicious restaurant or enjoy Italian dishes at the ‘Gourmet Corner’, at a minimal cost and with all proceeds supporting a worthy cause.

2016 supported the purchase of

  • Enhancement of Cognitive Rehabilitation Programme for Children with Acquired Brian Injury (ABI) by Designing and Implementing Tailor-made Training Modules
  • Respiratory Pressure Meter for Measurement of Respiratory Muscle Strength
  • Ambulatory pH & Impedance Recorder

2015 supported the purchase of

  • Enhancement in Monitoring of Body Height and Parameter for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Patient
  • Enhancement Programme in Orthosis Fabrication with Air Purifer
  • Pain Management Machine

2014 supported the purchase of

  • ADHD Neurofeedback Training Kit
  • Desktop Transutaneous Monitor System
  • High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillatory Device

2013 supported the purchase of

  • Evoked Potential System

2012 supported the purchase of

  • SpineMouse
  • Belt Sander
  • Advanced Limb Reconstruction System

2011 supported the purchase of

  • Power Drill and Saw Instrument Set for Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Realtime Ultrasound
  • Auditory Eletrophysiological Test Equipment for Speech Evoked Brainstem Potentials, Middle Latency Response & P300
  • Sensory Integration Equipments

2010 supported the purchase of

  • High Performance Portable Ultrasound System
  • Bair Hugger Patient Warming Unit
  • Behavioural Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Comprehensive Assessment Kit
  • Vitalograph Gold Standard Plus (Vitalograph (R)
  • Sensory Integration Equpments

2009 supported the purchase of

  • Autorefractor
  • Autofocimeter
  • Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

2008 supported the purchase of

  • 4 sets of Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractors
  • A set of tools to operate the device

2007 supported the purchase of

  • 8 Channel Neurological Workstation

2006 Renovated Prosthetic & Orthotic Department